Top 20 Automated home articles of 2009

The end of another year and a rare chance for a tech site like Automated home to look backwards for a change.  It may not have been a vintage year in terms of new arrivals but there seems to have been plenty of interest in digital home technologies – not least the storage, streaming and control of AV around the home as you’ll see from the list.  It’s significant there’s an post on energy monitoring too in there as the need to save power continues to drive home automation technology forward.

So as we stare the next decade in the face (or this time next year for you pedants) here are the 20 Automated home articles that have been the most popular in 2009….

1. Scart to HDMI Convertor

2. diy Windows home Server build – JukeBox MkII

3. Podcast AH0017 – new Mac tiny and Plex 

4. The new Sonos CR200 Controller 

5. Automated home readers 20 Terabyte home Server [Photos]

6. how to setup Plex Media player – video Tutorial

7. Tranquil BBS2 Barebones home Media Server review

8. Automating Your digital files

9. ASRock 330 Brings affordable HDMI 1080P XBMC option

10. Going virtual – A home Server Experience

11. LED Door Lock status indicator Hack

12. checking out IP CCTV Cameras on Your iphone

13. The new Philips Pronto TSU9300 Remote

14. TVCatchup launch Desktop player

15. tiny silent Linux PC gets updated

16. new current cost CC128

17. TunerFree Media center Plugin for BBC iPlayer

18. Popcorn hour A-110 HD Networked Media tank review

19. Sonos S5 ZonePlayer Hands-on tiny review

20. Sharing USB 3G Mobile Broadband with a WiFi Router


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